Mrs. Ruth M. Buck

Mrs. Buck


On November 24th, 1905, Ruth Matheson was born at the St. Barnabas Anglican Mission on the First Nations Reserve near Onion Lake, Saskatchewan, Canada. She was the seventh of nine children, born to Reverend and Mrs. John Richard Matheson. Her mother, Elizabeth (Scott) Matheson was the first female doctor, registered in Saskatchewan.

When Ruth was ten years old, her sixty-seven year old father died. After John Matheson's death, Ruth's maternal grandmother came to stay with them.
After her appointment as Assistant Medical Director for the Winnipeg Public Schools, Elizabeth Matheson moved to and established a home in
Winnipeg, Manitoba. Elizabeth Matheson died in 1958.

Ruth Matheson graduated in 1928, from the University of Manitoba, and became a teacher in Winnipeg. In 1933, she married Mr. Geoffrey Buck, and quit teaching. Mr. Buck became an Education Officer with the RCAF during World War II. With this posting, the Bucks moved to Saskatchewan, living in Balcarres and Melville until 1941.

In 1946, Ruth, Geoffrey, and their daughter Judith moved to Regina. Mrs. Buck was elected as a member of the Civic Voters' Slate. She served on the Regina Collegiate Board until 1967 when she retired.

The Board of Education honoured Mrs. Buck by naming Ruth M. Buck School in 1976 in memory of her dedicated service.

Because Ruth had an extensive knowledge of the First Nations culture, she requested that the school hallways should bear some First Nations art. The artwork still survives 25 years later.

Mrs. Buck was an accomplished writer, and is known for her book, The Doctor Rode Side Saddle. This book is about a story of Elizabeth Matheson's life. It was published in 1974. She was also the editor for the book, The Voices of the Plains Cree, published in 1973.

Mrs. Buck passed away on July 6, 2009 at the age of 103.