Looking for something to read this holiday season?

We had a wonderful visit with the author, Sigmund Brouwer, on December 1st.  He challenged the grade 3-8 students and staff to all sing the chorus of a song and he would give us access to 75 ebooks for a month.  Ruth M. Buck School met the challenge and Sigmund Brouwer has delivered.  Until the end of January, the Ruth M. Buck community has access to free ebooks.  There are books for all ages including adults.  The Rock and Roll Literacy ebook subscription has no limitations, much like the Netflix approach. If 50 users want to read one of the titles all at the same time, no problem; if one title is borrowed 100 times in a row by 100 users no problem.

The books can be read with:
Windows (Desktop/laptop)
Mac OS (Desktop/laptop)
IOS (iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch)
Sony ereader pre PRS-700
Kobo Reader
Sony PRS-700 and newer
You can access the trial here:
username: NovVisit
password: TRIAL
Please see the attahcments for full details.
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