Z99 Radiothon Fundraiser - THANK YOU!

Ruth M. Buck's Leadership Team (BLT) were proud supporters of this year’s Z99 Radiothon!

The BLT organized 3 fundraising events for the Radiothon.  A Kick Off Assembly was held during which personal experiences with the NICU were shared.

  • We had a Loose Change Collection.  Students were asked to bring loose change (nickels, dimes, quarters, loonies and finally toonies) to school.
  • Students were able to purchase a bag of Valentine themed candies which were delivered to their "sweet hearts" on Valentine's Day. 
  • Our fundraising efforts culminated in a Pie the Teacher Assembly! Ten brave teachers, Educational Assistants and even our Principal volunteered for this worthy cause.

On March 16th three of our BLT members were able to present a donation for $3000.00 to CC, Lorie & Cassity live at the Cornwall Centre for the Radiothon. This is the 30th Anniversary of the Z99 Radiothon having raised over $8 million for the Hospitals of Regina Foundation in support of the NICU. 

We are so incredibly proud of our students, parents and community for their tremendous show of support.

Mrs. Holywell, Mrs. Zimbaluk, Mrs. Flaman-Drumm (Ruth M. Buck Leadership Team Teacher Advisors)