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Students return to school on September 1, 2015

Supply list  for grade 1-8 and kindergarten attached

Ruth M. Buck SCC Raffle March 27, 2015

Scholastic Book Fair!

Scholastic Book Fair will run on Wednesday, March 25th and Thursday, March 26th from 8:45- 4:00 and Friday, March 27th, from 8:30- 4:30.   

There will be a Family Draw to win $25 in free books plus $25 in free books for the student’s classroom. Payment can be made by cash, cheque, credit card or debit. Students will only be allowed to use their debit cards with parental/guardian permission. Hope to see you there!


Our next assembly will be on Thursday February 12th at 11:00 am.

The SCC will present recently purchased jerseys.

Mrs. Zimbaluk's morning kindergarten class,  Mrs. Reiger's grade 1 class, Mrs. Hinks grade 3/4,

and Mrs. Flaman-Drumm's and Mrs. Goski's grade 2 classes will perform.

Parents and visitors are welcome to join us!

Looking for something to read this holiday season?

We had a wonderful visit with the author, Sigmund Brouwer, on December 1st.  He challenged the grade 3-8 students and staff to all sing the chorus of a song and he would give us access to 75 ebooks for a month.  Ruth M. Buck School met the challenge and Sigmund Brouwer has delivered.  Until the end of January, the Ruth M. Buck community has access to free ebooks.  There are books for all ages including adults.  The Rock and Roll Literacy ebook subscription has no limitations, much like the Netflix approach. If 50 users want to read one of the titles all at the same time, no problem; if one title is borrowed 100 times in a row by 100 users no problem.

The books can be read with:
Windows (Desktop/laptop)
Mac OS (Desktop/laptop)
IOS (iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch)
Sony ereader pre PRS-700
Kobo Reader
Sony PRS-700 and newer
You can access the trial here:
username: NovVisit
password: TRIAL
Please see the attahcments for full details.

Christmas Concert

All Christmas concert tickets have been allocated.

For those family members unable to attend the Monday December 15 evening performance,

we invite you to join us in our gym for an afternoon performance at 2:30,

or for our dress rehearsal at Martin Collegiate at 9:30 am.

Extra Ruth M. Buck Clothing

1 - Youth Medium Grey Hoodie $33
1 - Youth Extra Large Grey Long Sleeve $19


contact if interested.

We want to hear from you!

Regina Public Schools would like to know how we can best meet your family’s needs when it comes to high school education. We are striving to provide an equitable and exceptional educational and extra-curricular experience for all high school students, regardless of where they live in Regina.


We are asking students in elementary school grades 6 to 8 and high school grades 9 to 12 and parents or guardians to share their thoughts so we at Regina Public Schools create a better high school experience.


We encourage you to participate. Please click on this link for more details and to participate.

Literacy Events

Sigmund Brouwer Author Visit

On December 1st, at 9:15, grade 3-8 students will have the privilege of meeting best-selling Canadian author, Sigmund Brouwer.  Sigmund's Rock and Roll Literacy Event  will promote the fun of reading and writing as well as the many books he has written, including being part of the Seven and Seven Sequels series.

Sigmund’s books will be available to order prior to his visit.  He has many series that will appeal to different age groups.  Please see the order form attached below.


You can also learn more about Sigmund Brouwer at the following website:


The Seven Evening Literacy Event

The Ruth M. Buck community is invited to attend an evening literary event on December 3rd, at 7:00 pm at St. Gabriel/Jack MacKenzie School  (3150 Windsor Park Road).  Join best-selling authors Sigmund Brouwer, John Wilson, and Richard Scrimger and celebrate The Seven series!  The Seven and the just released The Seven Sequels, are a series of books written by a group of award winning Canadian authors.  For more information about the two series you can visit the following websites:!/



Ruth M. Buck Clothing Sale - CLOSED

The Ruth M. Buck Clothing Sale has closed.

Thank you to everyone who placed a clothing order.  Orders will be recieved before Christmas.

Once again, we will be putting in a Ruth M. Buck clothing order.  We are super excited to have a few new selections to offer you this year, and our favorites from previous years are back!  In order to have our clothing here before the holiday break, ALL CLOTHING ORDERS ARE DUE ON NOVEMBER 17TH. 

Please note: Late orders will NOT be accepted!


We will have a sizing kit available at the school if you want to come and try on different sizes before you place your order.  Sizing can take place between November 5-7th (sizing will be available on November 5th and 6th from 9:00am - 5:30pm and on November 7th from 9:00am – 3:37pm).  Our clothing will feature the Blazers logo (seen below).  Teachers can help with sizing throughout the day, if needed. 


NEW Payment Options:

  • Online: Place your clothing order online and pay with a credit card, or other available options.  For online orders visit  All online orders are due NOVEMBER 17th.
  • Cash: Complete the order form and return it to the school, along with cash (exact change) no later than NOVEMBER 17th. 
  • Cheque: Complete the order form and return it to the school, along with a cheque no later than NOVEMBER 17th.  Make all cheques payable to Ruth M. Buck School. 
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